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Expanding Your Business through Digital Marketing and Purpose

Expanding Your Business through Digital Marketing and Purpose

In today’s digital age, businesses must have a strong presence to survive and thrive. Digital marketing and purpose-driven strategies are two of the most effective ways to scale your business in the digital era.

Digital marketing involves using digital tools such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media, content marketing, email marketing, and other digital tactics to reach out to customers. It helps your business to reach more people, build relationships, and increase sales.

If you are curious about the strategies that will scale your business with this method, look no further than our examples below.

1. Preserve a Robust and Up-To-Date Online Presence

Customers today are increasingly making their first purchases online; if you don’t have a website or your material is stale, they won’t even know you exist. A current website and a strong presence on appropriate social media platforms (likely including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter) are prerequisites.

In order to increase their customer base, firms need to engage with their followers and publish brand-related material on a regular basis. A decent rule of thumb is to submit at least some responses daily to establish your presence.

2. Respond to All Reviews and Comments from Customers

Customers today place a high value on comments made by others on your website, and they will take note of how attentive you appear to be to their input. Do not let the pressure of everyday emergencies or your own emotions prevent you from responding to criticism. Perhaps this is the most frugal method of expanding your company’s operations.

If you’re worried about getting a fake negative review, you may ask every customer for a positive review so that the few bad ones are drowned out. If only one review is unfavorable, don’t let that review stand out.

3. Convince Supporters and Key Opinion Leaders to Back Your Cause

Advocates are the most satisfied of your current clients, and you want them to spread the word about your business to others through their networks. Experts and “fake celebrities” known as “influencers” can help consumers choose their favorite products and even start new trends. Ask for aid and encouragement on your own terms.

Brands that work with influencers to promote their products now have access to accurate tools like Traackr and Pixlee for monitoring the success of their sponsorships. You can use them to locate influential people in your field.

4. Organize Promotional Activities to Draw in Customers and Spread the Word

Creating a “pop-up” store or “flash mob” event in the middle of another gathering, such as a Super Bowl, is a common strategy used to get exposure and expand a brand’s reach in the modern era. Obviously, you need to advertise these events through various online and offline mediums.

Furthermore, establishing relationships with companies that complement your own can allow you to split costs and expand your reach. You should be ready to offer away something of value to the participants. Do your best to ensure that everyone who attends has a good time.

5. Attend Business-Related Events Like Conventions and Expos

Relationships with thought leaders, outsourced providers, and possible partners can be established, and hundreds of new qualified leads can be generated during trade events and conferences. They will also help you learn more about emerging technology, emerging trends, and potential rivals.


Suppose you want to compete and succeed in the long run in today’s climate, especially against the big e-commerce businesses with a global reach. In that case, you need to take advantage of digital channels in addition to organic development. In spite of how hard you and your team work to ensure customer happiness, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of using all of the marketing and visibility tools at your disposal in the digital world.

If you are looking for a well-trusted digital advertising agency in Charlotte, look no further than our expertise here at The Social Rook. We help businesses scale by leveraging paid search and social then implementing traditional marketing channels. In addition to paid search and social, we partner with other brand impacting services such as web, print, programmatic, radio, and television. Call us today and let us boost your company’s online presence to the next level!


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