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A Primer on Landing Pages and Why Businesses Need Them

A landing page is an important part of a website and social media marketing efforts designed to draw in visitors and encourage them to take specific action. They are usually created to increase conversions and optimize search engine rankings. 

Landing pages are designed to capture visitors’ attention and prompt them to take action, like signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free ebook, or purchasing your product or service. Landing pages are typically optimized for keywords related to the product or service being promoted, which helps them appear in search engine results and drives more visitors to the page.

A robust landing page is an essential tool that can be customized to match your company’s goals and advertising needs. Landing pages allow you to interact with potential customers and guide them toward conversion. Designing and creating a landing page takes work, though. To maximize conversion, you must create the right landing page SEO and design that fits your business goals and the customer’s expectations.

First, What Are They

A landing page directs users when they click through an advertisement or link in an email. It is designed to be a concise page that will encourage the user to take a specific action rather than just providing information and letting the user decide what to do. The page will contain the most important information about the business or service.

Landing pages support the process of gaining customers and achieving goals. They take people who have already been exposed to your business and guide them through becoming customers. By creating a landing page, you can provide more information to people and encourage them to take the next step in becoming customers.

Compared to an About Us or Home Page, a landing page targeting a specific customer segment is designed to convert visitors by encouraging them to take a specific action. So, it is separate from a website’s navigation and other web pages.

Second, Why Your Business Needs Them

Some marketers need to use landing page design and development in their digital and social media marketing strategies, viewing it as expensive and time-consuming. This can hurt their conversion rate optimization results, as it eliminates the SEO benefits of a landing page. A landing page can do the following:

  • Increase potential leads: Studies by MarketingSherpa and HubSpot report that 68 businesses already use landing pages to attain steady leads for future sales, and those that do experience lead generation increase by up to 55 percent!
  • Data and insight generation: Persuasive landing pages are a way to get potential customers to provide you with important information about themselves so that you can contact them and guide them through converting into customers. These pages typically include a short form that asks for basic information such as name, email address, and other contact details. This data can then be used to contact leads and move them further along the journey of becoming customers.

In Closing

Creating a compelling landing page is key to attracting more leads and increasing conversion rates. Similarly, landing page forms are important but must only ask for needed information. Requesting too much personal data can drive away potential customers. Reach out to a web design agency or content writing services provider for help in optimizing your landing page and crafting effective calls to action. 

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